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Portable Scale System
From time to time the need arises to know the weight of an unpublished or modified vehicle or a loaded vehicle or trailer. TNM Engineering uses portable scales to provide on-site weighing capabilities.

TNM Engineering uses a Rebco Exacto Weigh four pad scale system rated at 10,000 lbs, (2500 lbs per pad) and a Siltec 1000 lb scale. The Rebco four pad system can be used to weigh most vehicles, including duel wheel trucks. Heavier vehicles can be weighed by using two pads per wheel on one axle and dummy blocks at the other axle. By using the Rebco four pad system in conjunction with the single Siltec pad a two axle trailer and tongue can be weighed.

It is important to use a multi pad scale system or a single pad scale with a dummy block to provide an accurate weight. In-house testing has shown that using a single scale pad to weigh each wheel separately will over estimate the vehicle weight due to vehicles suspension. Using a two pad system to weigh the front and rear separately or each side separately can be accurately corrected.

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